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Audited Suppliers
Zhejiang Great Foods Group 1YRS pacific mackerel,saury, blue mackerel, bonito,Kawa, skipjack tuna, yellowfin tuna,bigeye tuna, Sardine, horse mackerel, spanish mackerel, grey mullet,yellowtail,mahi, illex squid, sardine.
Jalk Trading 4YRS Beverages,Beers,Soft drinks,Energy drinks,Fruit Juices,waters,alcoopops,Ciders,Cigarettes,Chocolates,Biscuits, Wafers,Coffee,Confectionery,Butter,Meat & Poultry,Baby Milk, Cheese
Qingdao REDSEAL International Trading Corp., Ltd 10YRS Snack,Peanuts and Products,Vegetables & Fruits,Cereals & Beans,Nuts & Kernels
NIYANDA NITTAYAPRAPHA LIMITED 1.Frozen Whole chicken 2.Frozen chicken Feet 3.Frozen chicken Paws 4.Frozen chicken Wings 5.Frozen chicken Legs 4.Frozen chicken Wings and all other chicken parts.
Lianyungang Tongyuan Biology Technology Co.,Ltd. 1YRS Sodium diacetate, Sodium acetate anhydrous,potassium chloride, Calcium acetate, Calcium propionate,Potassium acetate
Fujian Haoyuan Food Co.,Ltd dog food ,pig food
Linyi Yiyuan Food Co.,Ltd. 3YRS dried garlic, dried carrot, dried ginger, canned sushi, canned ginger, canned garlic
NAM VIET FOODS AND BEVERAGE COMPANY LTD 4YRS Aloe Vera Juice, Coconut Water, Fruit Juice, Coffee Drink, Energy Drink, Basil Seed Drink, Soft Drink....
Siam Canadian Group Limited 12YRS Vannamei White Shrimp HLSO,HLSO EzPeel,Raw P&D-PUD Tail on-Tail off,CPTO,Cuttlefish,Squid,Seawater,Freshwater Fish
Toplong Foods Co., Ltd. 16YRS 1, Canned food including mushrooms,lychees, sweet corn, baby corn and so on. 2, Duck eggs products. Rice cake as semi-food 3, Tea